Assalama for Mines and UXO Actions


Assalama as an organization was built on the efforts of the Free Libya Volunteer Group, who worked on demining and war remnants clearance of the UXOs caused throughout the Libyan liberty war during the 17 February revolution. Assalama is being clearing several places in Nafosa Mountain and western Libya since 22 September 2011.


1- Searching for and clearance of minefields.
2- Collection and demolition of UXOs.
3- Execution of awareness efforts about the danger of UXOs.
4- Provide technical consultancy regarding the society fields of work.
5- Provide training courses regarding the society fields of work.
6- Prepare statistics of mines and war remnant casualties.
7- Advocating the International treaties related to ban mines and indiscriminate weapons.
8- Prepare statistics of mines and any UXOs collected and demolished.
9- Identify the geographical coordinates of minefields and UXOs contaminated areas as well as signing such data on thematic maps.
10- Demolition of buildings using explosives engineering tools.
11- Classify, Transport and secure of explosion engineering materials.
12- Import of equipment and materials required for the operation of the organization.

Contact Assalama:

Phone: 00218 (0) 92 3421382
Post: 5581 Qirgarish, Triploi - Libya